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20 Under 20s With Jesse Kay

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Right out of school, AJ Vaynerchuk and his brother Gary co-founded VaynerMedia. Together, they grew that business from two people to over 600. Now AJ is following his passion for sports with a new venture, VaynerSports.   We talk about transitioning from one company to the other, and why you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) wait to be an entrepreneur – you can do it in high school, and it’s never been easier than it is today.   Resources: Learn more at Connect with AJ on Twitter

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About the Podcast

About 20 Under 20s

20 Under 20’s is a podcast show that I have created where I interview successful entrepreneurs in their twenties or under from around the globe. My goal is to distill practical lessons and stories from some of the best minds on the planet to inspire young men and women to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. My goal is to create the world’s #1 podcast for aspiring young entrepreneurs. I’ve been able to interview nonprofit founders, CEO’s and founders of Silicon Valley startups, high school and college dropouts turned millionaires, venture capitalists, Shark Tank features, many members of the “Forbes 30 Under 30 List”, along with tons of other influential entrepreneurs.